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Peng Qinghua Investigated Western China International Expo City Exhibition Area of the 17th Western China International Fair

On September 21, 2018, Peng Qinghua—secretary of provincial party committee investigated Western China International Expo City exhibition area of the 17th Western China International Fair. Peng Qinghua emphasized that all should carry out the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping, implement all-round open cooperation strategy firmly, organize well, make careful arrangement, supply quality services, further improve the quality of exhibitions, raise the level of professionalization and internationalization, make Western China International Fair become an important bridge for the world to well know West China and West China to well know the whole world, make it become an important window for opening to the outside world and make it become an important platform for western regions of China to jointly build “the belt and road” and deepen the exchange and cooperation with other countries of the world. Peng Qinghua represented provincial Party committee to express the thanks to the workers, constructors and volunteers who diligently work for successfully holding the Western China International Fair. He praised organization of the fair and hoped related departments (units) to insist on scientific management, thrifty operation and safe work, strengthen coordination, well complete all work, continue to supply quality service to related parties in exhibition, give logistical support and guarantee the success of this Western China International Fair.