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Recently, fire accident happens frequently throughout the country. To strengthen the fire safety awareness of all staffs of Western China International Expo City and units settled in it, have a good command of basic knowledge of fire control, lay emphasis on the management of fire safety and support fire control in daily work actively, Jiang Jin, the vice-general manager of Sichuan Tianfu International Exhibition Co., Ltd., led staffs to view, learn and experience the fire control facilities in firehouse branch of Tianfu New Area at 13:00, April 4, 2019.



Liu Kai is expounding the basic parameters and functions of fire fighting vehicles including aerial ladder truck, rescue vehicle, recovery vehicle etc.


Visit the fire control education base of firehouse branch in the new area and learn its functions


Learn common fire disaster happening in kitchen and learn the disposal method


Visitors are simulating the fire on electric appliance and leaning to put it out.


Watch a short movie for fire safety education, learn the daily life and rescue work of fire fighters


Experience the intensity of simulated earthquake and sense it


Experience and learn the method of escaping from fire


Visit honor room of the firehouse branch and learn the development history of Chengdu Firehouse