Service Service

In order to regulate the use and management of the exhibition venues (hereinafter referred as the Venues) of the Western China International Expo City (hereinafter referred as the Expo City), and to better serve the exhibition activities, the Regulations are formulated for the use of the exhibition hall in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and industry practices. The Regulations define the relevant responsibilities of the exhibitions (events) in terms of mobilization, construction, use of equipment and facilities, fire protection, security, and environment.

The Regulations are mainly used by exhibition (event) organizers and home service providers. The Expo City operator shall provide the Regulations to the exhibition (event) organizers and home service providers in advance and they shall read the Regulations in detail and disclose the relevant contents to the exhibitors.



The project covers an area of 1,080 mu with a gross floor area of 570,000 m2, including an indoor net exhibition area of 205,000 m2 and an outdoor exhibition area of 100,000 m2. The indoor exhibition area is at the top of the list among the completed venue in China, and the project is equipped with conference, office, catering, parking, loading and other facilities, whose overall hardware ranks in the front in China and leads in the central and western China.